Reaction Industries Achieves National Recognition for Worker Safety

Reaction Industries Achieves National Recognition for Worker Safety

ALBION, Mich. (Oct. 3, 2009) – Reaction Industries LLC of Albion, MI, a leading manufacturer of hot cast polymers and a division of Caster Concepts, Inc. is proud to announce their completion of the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association’s Regulatory Compliance Self-Certification program. The Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (PMA) is an organization dedicated to promoting the use of cast elastomer polyurethane by being the industry’s information resource for the latest technology, practices, and knowledge. The self-certification program has four levels: Commitment, Compliance, Leadership, and Mentoring.

Denise Kenny, Polymer Engineer stated “this is a great accomplishment for the group; we are dedicated to great products while protecting the safety of our employees”.

By participating, Reaction Industries LLC has demonstrated their compliance with all applicable health, safety, environmental, and transportation regulations. Elements of the program included minimizing and monitoring the workers’ exposure to hazardous chemicals and following guidelines established in the PMA’s Model Health and Safety Program and Environmental Regulatory Compliance Manual. This process was begun over three years ago as part of Reaction Industries’ commitment to the health and safety of its employees.

Dr. William Dobbins, president of Caster Concepts, Inc expressed his pride in the leadership of Reaction Industries LLC. “This is a great accomplishment by a great group of people. Product quality is a given in today’s competitive environment and its combination with the highest level of employee safety is true dedication to long term success. I am very proud of our group for making employee safety a priority”.

Dr. Elmer Lee further explained “Any program such as the PMA Self Certification Program will add cost to the end product. Reaction Industries is dedicated to a safe working environment while being cost competitive in any global market. We will not sacrifice safety of our employees for a short term market gain”.


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